Packaging Research

The Packaging Research Facility conducts research for DOE National Nuclear Security Administration, as well as for commercial customers. The facility specializes in testing packaging systems for the transportation of nuclear fuel. Once a package design has been successfully tested, it can then be certified by one of several regulatory authorities, usually DOE, the National Nuclear Security Administration, or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, for use on the road.


Scott Ludwig
Packaging Research
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Equipment Highlights

  • Outdoor drop test pad (30-ft drop height, 28,000-lb capacity, 8x20 ft steel impact surface area)
  • Indoor drop test pad (15-ft drop height, 3,000-lb capacity, 4x6 ft impact surface area)
  • Lansmont Model 10000-10 Touch Test Vibration System
  • Lansmont Model 152-30K Compression Test System
  • Steel punches designed to regulatory specifications
  • CALT8 (pressure drop) and Varian Model 959 (helium) leak detectors
  • Computer-controlled thermal monitoring data acquisition system